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“Cosmos” 2014 Version Holds No Punches

 Cosmos on Fox - Religion stay away

For those who were young children when the original “Cosmos” by the late Carl Sagen aired this remake and refresh of the original show to fit our knowledge and technical abilities brings nothing but joy. This show remains one of the biggest recruiting tools of modern science and our current young generation should enjoy it as well.

The show started with a direct and intentional, clear as a whistle blow aimed at religion, what Sagen did in his own unique story telling way some thirty plus years ago the current show did in a blunt and precise way, a few minutes into the first episode. The case of Giordano Bruno was told in what seems to be the undermining statement of the show – you get no points for repressing knowledge and the search for truth, the Roman inquisition is exposed for what it was, with a sign for the current religious zealots – you’re in the way.

It is almost amazing to comprehend how much we, as a society and a culture, have progressed in the last 30 years that to go out against the ruthless power of religious authorities is now acceptable and permitted.  One can only hope that in 30 years we will come even closer to make religion what it really is, a kind of a hobby, a pastime that accounts to almost nothing that should be kept confined and restrained, while the rest of us progress.

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