Obama’s Pax Americana


A visitor from the 80s’, merely 30 years ago, would have been amazed at the stories newspapers tell today, the U.S. is making peace with Cuba which for some reason was left as an enemy while normal relations with Russia had been restored 20 years ago. The small island nation somehow managed to maintain its social revolution way longer then the mother country and also carried its obligatory title as the enemy of the American people.

President Obama takes care of this one, and as his term as president nears a close he is moving all the pieces so relations with Cuba are restored. However one must wonder if this change will really change the day to day reality of the simple Cuban teenager who is pimped daily for what many Americans would consider lunch money, or to the Cuban young man how is harassing tourists along the beach for a couple of green dollars.

With all the above criticism of the current U.S. president Cuba is actually a normal move, it is right in reach of the American continent, it is almost Miami’s closest city. It is the moves in the Muslim world that Obama makes that should raise concerns, mainly due to the lack of any sense of those moves – apart from one – letting someone else do the dirty work.

A long time ago president Obama choose to address the Arab Muslim nations by rushing to Cairo for his first speech, many thought this signaled that the man himself was a Muslim and a member of the Muslim brotherhood, however now Obama is busy courting the “other side” of Islam – the Shia Muslims. He had given up on his Sonni Muslim, many of whom are long lasting American allies like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and turned to the Iranians (not Arabs but Persians) for what can only be seen as desperate cooperation.

Somehow all of this can be told as a simple story, the Americans want order, they thought that the Sonni Muslims could provide it but it failed and now they are trying with the Shia Muslims in hope that Iran carries more weight than its previous allies. The only problems here are that both sides of the Muslim world are hostile to each other – and that everyone is aware of this American “dance”, which makes this kind very awkward.

The Slow All Mighty God

Some of the fundamentals things about being atheist is seeing through all the bullshit problems of the presentation of creation in the bible. One such thing is the idea of the all powerful creator taking a whole week to create everything, when everything (according to the holy scripture) is the earth and our solar system plus a vague idea of “a lot of stars”.

A week. Because God is so perfect so awesome and powerful it can be done, but, hold on, if it took a week does it not mean that the all-powerful and unlimited is actually limited – when in top speed God can create a part of our visible universe in a week. Actually not a week, because God took the last day off to rest. Why would an perfect creator take time off – and from all things – to rest?, that implies that God got tired, can God be tired?.

Some would argue that the idea of the week is to make us humble humans more comfortable, that on our limited perception of time (which is indeed limited) we can not grasp the actions and the speed in which the creator acts. For those flexible believers those 6 days of work (plus one of rest) can be pressed into the first moments of the big bang or stretched across hundreds of millions of years until, say, the earth forms and starts to cool.

Here we get to a second, maybe even more important point, we are told that the bible (old testament) is the word of God, it was given to the Hebrews and it – literally, the book of God made by God, if so, why would the perfect makers who is also the perfect author of books not avoid mentioning time altogether and walk around this problematic issue of timing (and maybe also not to be embarrassed by the one day rest thing).

To us atheists it is simple, no mystery here, this was made up by humans, who desperately needed to explain a lot of things like who made what (God) when did it happen (in the beginning) and for whom was it made (why us of course), these ancient authors also added to this a format of the days of the week, as long as you’re laying down the basic rules might as well frame time into days. If a perfect creator would exist this being would probably not need to rest and would not take a week to work his magic.


ISIL Is the Real Deal – Even Obama Can Not Take It Away


Say what?
Say what?

The second week of September is always difficult, well not always – it has been difficult for the last 13 years, since September 2001. Almost everyone remembers president Bush speech in which he said the Islam is the religion of peace, and maybe the same thought had passed in the mind of the current president last weekend.

Obama’s ISIL speech made one false accusation and labeled the fighters of the Islamic state (ISIL, or ISIS if you want), for some reason the president wants to deny this group of people the only one thing that they truly are – Islamic.

How can an American president even start to give out marks for religious capabilities to anyone? from when did the main job of politicians start with correcting the names by which we can groups of people who are united in a common cause (as wrong and as prevent as it might seem to them, or us).

So we find ourselves, 13 years later, with the same distracting and fully wrong message ringing in our ears – the exact opposite of the evident truth is told to the masses in hope that they will take the bait and… keep calm and carry on?

It does not work any more, even fanatic dazed neo-liberals (ones that prefer full rights to the religious and reduced rights to secular) everyone knows that this fight is about religion, that its main purpose and call is for religion – and much more than that, these Islamic fighters now in middle east are in fact reenacting the same path of the historic birth of Islam, if the prophet would have arrived today he would find in them the perfect partners to share the prophecy, in this sense these people are (to Islam) perfect believers.

So please, first out of the respect for the intelligence of the general population and second for the simple idea of understanding who you are facing – say the truth, ISIL is everything but not Islamic, it is as Islamic as it gets.

The Plight of the Yazidis

Begging for Help - World is more concerned with Hamas Terror "victims"
Begging for Help – No One Really Listens 

The Yazidis, an old and ancient religious community in Iraq sent a woman to beg for their lives in front of the national assembly of the Iraqi people. They are currently being butchered by the forces of Sonni Islam, ISIS, who is making its way through the Iraqi state.

The world is mostly indifferent, apart from a couple hundred people who marched in support of Christians (not Yazidis) in Brussels, as what the police calls a some “young” people shouted and cursed them as they passed (saying that all Christians should be killed).

The Yazidis are not as well prepared as the Kurds who are getting ready to face ISIS, they have been misled and misread the upcoming storm, now they are left for themselves – they are stranded in an area that would not support an life, so it is either they are killed by ISIS or die of hunger and dehydration.

If you need to do one thing today is to dedicated 2 and a half minutes to see this woman, desperately begging for the lives of basically everyone she knows, this is not the sexy Gaza Palestinians who during 30 days of active fighting had list an estimated 800 non combatants to what they called a “Genocide” attempt by Israel, the Yazdis do not get 3 Billion dollar annual support from Qatar, nor do they have the UN call an urgent meeting on their behalf, in the last week estimated are that up to 3,000 of them have been murdered – and more will follow if this is not stopped.


The Slow End of Europe


From Athens to Paris the old continent shakes, its old children watch in horror as their neighborhoods reveal their changed face to the world. While Europe was busy making money and buying homes with bigger gardens, better cars and nicer clothes a wave of Muslim immigrants changed it forever.

These Muslims are mostly made up of regular normal people, many of them hard working, many respect the law and the country that accepted them, however there those who do not accept and who do not respect, and in the Muslim world they are the ones that count.

And so Europe wakes up to a frenzy of anti semitic violence, in action as well as in rhetoric, from Italy to Germany, violent demonstrations who do not care to pretend its about “zionism” or “Israel”, oh no, its about the Jews. These old Jews who from an early and tender age are represented to many in the Muslim world as the the worst thing ever, people who happened to be born to a Jewish mother are the target of millions of uneducated and intolerant Muslims.

And no European country stands up to protect its own citizens from this blatant racist attack, in Germany police lend the police car speaker so Muslim protestors could yell “death to the Jews” using it, in France a small force of policemen stand aside when Muslims set fire to a synagog.

If there is anything that history teaches us is that once violence spreads out, even when it starts as a focused blow to just one type of people, it quickly and rapidly takes over, and so, Europe, the old stomping ground of Fascist and Nazis is once again walking down that old path of religious hatred and bigotry, the only ones able to still save it come from the ranks of the nationalistic far right.