The Fine Print of the Arab Protest

Not An Arab March - But Islamic March on Jerusalem

Today the news tell us that Israel is bracing itself for the coming of thousands of Arab protestors up to its boarders with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. If you pay attention to the fine print you will soon understand that the word “Arab” is not correct here, it should have been “Muslim” protest, not an Arab one.

Arabs come in many shapes and colors, under different religions (Arab Christians, Arab Jews) and they span across a huge area that can not define, under one word, almost anything besides maybe “human”.

Thousands of Muslim protestors are planning to reach the boarders of Israel for a “March on Jerusalem” day, to mark the taking away of Muslim sovereignty by the Jewish state, note that they are not doing a march for peace, or a march for the equal and fair distribution of land between ethnic groups, they are marching to a religious city under the flag of taking it back to their religion.

There is no “march for equality” because it already exists, Israeli Arabs enjoy democratic rights and privileges that most of their brothers in the Muslim/Arab countries just next door do not have (see Syria and about 10,000 killed over a few months), there is no “March for splitting this area between Jews and Muslims” because this is not the goal of Muslims, as instructed under Islam, any place that was once governed by Islam should return to Muslim law.

And most of all, this is not a Palestinian protest, but a pan Islamic one, because it holds in it everything that is the base for the objection to the very existence to the state of Israel – Muslim faith and holy books.

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