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Homs Syria – We Live in Fear of a Massacre

Yesterday, Marie Colvin asked her friends and colleagues to break her newspaper’s firewall and post her last report from the besieged Syrian enclave of Baba Amr, where she was the only British journalist. Today, she is gone, a victim of the government attack on the makeshift shelter for the foreign press. As per her wishes,Continue Reading

China and Russia Let Syria Go on Killing

Word just got out, with the undying support of Russia and China the increased blood letting in Syria will go on, even the pathetic hand waving of the UN stale diplomats will not save the people of Syria. It is almost tragic, that after months of killing and murder the UN finally allows itself toContinue Reading

Reality of Life in Syria Since April 2011

One of the things that are even more tragic is that they keep crying out that god is great, something that takes on a much more of a culture form in the Arab world in the past years, however it does not rule out that many of the people involved in this uprising are religiousContinue Reading

Mid-East God Still Calls the Shots

The killing in Syria is not over yet, now it looks like that break that the Syrian leadership took from massacring their own people a could of weeks ago has only been used for perfecting a technique that is better for faster and deadlier approach. Now the army artillery and tanks divisions are spread overContinue Reading

Does Anyone Remember Syria?

The conflict in Syria goes on, and on, and it seems that as far away we move from the “Arab spring” feel-good mode of a couple of months ago, into a much more focused attention on economy and European policies, Syria is still on it. The masses in Syria want a change, they realize thatContinue Reading

UN Security Council Will Talk About Syria – After Lunch!

The United Nations security council, better known as the “UN council Against anything Israel does”, had a pretty hard time discussing one of the member state little small issues, one that involves the slaughter or its citizens by the army. This joke of a council, who serves mostly to please the politics of people withContinue Reading

Dictionary of the Arab Spring Revolution

If you have been following the news out of Syria these past weeks, and especially these past few days, you have probably learned that the struggle against the Assad regime is on full force, and that the demonstrations and protests have re-introduced themselves into many parts of the country. Now it looks like much ofContinue Reading

Another Fun Weekend Mr. Galloway?

Here is a quote – We covered the whole world in 60 minutes. I was very impressed by his knowledge, by his sharpness, by his flexible mind. I was very, very impressed. … Syria is lucky to have Bashar al-Assad as her President.Continue Reading

Misfortune of Being Born Syrian

If you have the good luck of being born in a free and democratic country you should be very happy, these days the people of Syria are learning just how hard it is to live under the rule of oppressive minority, and they learn this the hard way, all alone with no one to doContinue Reading

No One Cares for Syria

Continue Reading