Lessons Learned From Syria

The one year old events in Syria have a grave lesson to teach anyone who loves freedom and thinks that humanity, in its 2012 version, will move in to protect people under oppressive rules. The ongoing slaughter in Syria is a clear indication that to aspire for help, form the west or from any other place on the globe, is false hope.

Kofi Annan had just concluded a visit to Syria, where he thought that the regime promised a cease fire with the rebels, however as soon as he left, and even more so, as soon as this cease fire should have been in effect the fighting only grow stronger. Maybe “fighting” is not the right word here, where combat helicopters are shooting missiles designed to penetrate tanks at unarmed civilians.

It seems that there is no limit to the level of insults Assad’s Syria is capable at hurling at the international community, and even to the Arab league, that obscure body of Arab leaders who sometimes get together to make mostly financial decisions. This time Assad has spat in the face of the UN (but seriously, no one takes offense to that), the mediators from Qatar, and the Arab league.

And as the former UN secretary left the country feeling he had made a difference, the Syrian army pounded cities with a brutal force killing more than 100 people on Tuesday alone. One can only imagine the outrage that would have been sparked worldwide if it was Israel doing the same – only that when it is old Muslim on Muslim violence anything goes, just like it was in good-old Assad’s father day when he massacred the sunni minority in his country.

Syria Does Not Stop - It Will Cleanse Itself In the Blood of the Innocent

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