The Puzzling Cae of Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan, a Palestinian who was arrested by Israel under an arrest law that is made pretty much to stop an imminent threat, is going to be free mid April if the state of Israel would find no new allegations against him.

That is hardly any news at all, however you should note that this man was on a hunger strike for 66 days, lost 30 Kg (60 pounds) and had both Israeli and Palestinians demonstrating for his release. We do not know what information led to his arrest but we can certainly have an idea of what he is thinking when he told his followers that anyone with a “bomb belt” would be welcome in the heavens and that the spread of body parts as a result of a suicide blast is of no importance since it is much more important to blow up little Jewish children.

This man is not a political prisoner, he is not protesting the rights of Israel to be at one point or the other, he is a religious fanatic who is, for some reason, convinced that god has commanded the Muslim nation to murder every Jew out there, and he is living his faith with the utmost enthusiasm.

To much of the Israeli army horror and dismay Israelis have demonstrated against the state, as he was calling upon believers to go and blow themselves up as long as they could get some Jews in the process. However the Israeli supreme court had set him free, even when presented with the information that he is trying and may even be in the process of plotting to set about a terrorist attack.

This is what happens when a democratic state with a stable and true legal system meets a religious nut, to make things worst – this is a case in which the side arrested is working effortlessly to destroy the legal system that is protecting him, and they ask us why we think religion is poison.

Next we will probably read about how Palastinian demonstrators kicked people in the streets of London to show them what the Israelis are doing to their brothers, in the meanwhile those who are murdered across the boarder in Syria can only gaze in jealousy and hope that intend of a bullet to the head they would get a nice Israeli lawyer to fight for them.

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