Sweden Burns and Will Not Be Honest About It

Sweden Riots are Clear - but no one will say the truth
Sweden Riots are Clear – but no one will say the truth

If you were an immigrant, the best place on earth for you would be Sweden, its not new – its been that way for at least 30 years (maybe more). A deeply liberal country with amazing social benefits and a welfare state, Sweden has been bending over backwards for decades to accommodate all kinds of immigrants from all sorts of countries. So it should come as a shock to anyone that this country is experiencing a wave of riots of immense scale, and that this is coming from the pampered and privileged immigrant community.

When reading the regular media one will know only that this rioters are “immigrants”, and a quick check will show you that at least until 2010 Sweden had most of its immigrants from Finland, one look at the video footage of the riots will show you no native Finish.

So who are those people, and why (the hell) would they burn the country that took them in so nicely?, well, these are immigrants coming from Muslim countries, people that had not integrated to the Swedish society and that are living in their own sub culture that regards itself superior and better to the Western one.

It should be clear that the reason for this is not economic, it is not the treatment those immigrants had been given, its got nothing to do with how Sweden treated them. Its about violently forcing the host culture to recognize the power of the sub culture, and as a result surrender more “space” for it. This is a good old show of force to show the landlord who is the real boss, and unbelievably enough – its working just fine.

As long as no one stands up and tells it as it is, that this is a struggle of East-West cultures (rather – religions), the problem will not be solved, because apparently – there is no problem, the only thing is that no one understands why these people are so upset. It is not a big source of amazement to anyone familiar with the never ending superiority claims of all religions, and Islam in particular, to discover the children who have been told, all their lives, that they are better to the native Atheist Swedes, that they will rule the country, that things will be better when everyone is Muslim, have grown up to become violent thugs who actually expect Sweden to become another Muslim country.

Unless anyone thinks that these rioting immigrants are Finnish and Poles who want everyone in Sweden to start speaking their language, eat their food and adopt their culture, we have got to be talking about one thing only – and that is religion, Islam in this case.

Anyone who had followed the news out of Sweden in the last couple of years knows the growth in criminal activity – the alarming rape statistics and the hundreds of fires, started by people, every year that this country is dealing with for years now. So this is not new, its only grown, as have the numbers of those who have been causing the trouble.

And it is a shame that Sweden, an almost proud Atheist nation, lies itself into cultural suicide. Paralyzed by fear for immediate pain and punishment by its imported Muslim community this country simply will not face the music and say the truth, Islam in Sweden had reached a point in which its followers believe that they are strong enough to forcefully take privileges, the basic Hudna teaching of Islam. For the sake of meatballs, let up hope someone decides its better to be brave and honest, to scared and hopeless.


Sweden's "Hudna" is over
Sweden’s “Hudna” is over


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