Egypt – the Nose Knows

What Next from Egypt?

This is on amusing story about a religious parliament member who was not happy with what god gave his as a nose, decided to go ahead and use modern medicine to change that and in the process had told the Egyptian people such lies that had to be dropped out of the parliament altogether.

Anwar Bilkimy told the press that he was attacked and robbed, that his face suffered blows and was hit but angry men, he had stirred up the sympathy and the anger towards those bands of criminals who recently attack ordinary hard working Egyptians on a daily basis. However the whole story was not true, he had simply had a “nose job” and did not want to say it.

But seriously, why would he avoid saying it, or better yet, why even start this mess? he could have just taken a couple of days off, say that he needs surgery and come back to work without any worries, why did he need to cover that nose job as an attack?

The answer is very simple, its religion. Devoted Islamists strongly believe that changing the way a person looks is an interference with the almighty work of god, it does make some sense, if god gave you that face you are not going to challenge god by changing it. So poor mr. Bilkimy realized he had no choice but to lie, very much like girls in certain parts of the world agree to anal sex just to have their virginity intact.

The lie got out of control, and in the end he is kicked out of his own (religious) party for lying, but to be honest he would have been kicked out just for the nose job if he would have confessed it from the start.

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