Church of the Nativity Has Seen Better Days

This is one video that does not need to have much text attached to it, but the bottom line here is that in all religions it seems that there is no agreement on the way and the exact version followers should practice, and yet it is surprising to some to discover that “holy” men come to blows every now and again when it comes to confrontation with opposing “holy” men.

The reason of the fight here is irrelevant, simply because it just comes to show that Christian monks are not united in their belief, but rather devoted to the promotion of the particular version of Christianity they subscribe to, and will attack their own brothers in religion when push comes to shove.

Just so it does not seem like we are after Christians here, one should bare in mind that Jews and Muslims also have relatively large branches of faith that are very different and sometimes clash in a violent and bloody argument, especially when “holy” days are close.

Enjoy this short video from that magical place called Bethlehem


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